Shadows on the Wall

Brand new paranormal soap opera by Teresa Morrison which may contain vampires, witches, aliens, ghosts, malevolent spirits, a poltergeist or two, and plenty of dysfunctional living creatures.

Secrets ~ Shadows on the Wall Book One

Like sands through the hourglass…

…so are the days of their paranormal lives.

Who will be the house’s next victim?

In a butter-yellow cookie-cutter house on Ravenwood Lane, hidden in the shadows of the Colorado foothills, a new family has moved to town. Their neighbors, like always, are concerned. The poltergeist doesn’t play fair.

How long will they survive?

Shadow Ridge is not your typical town, and Ravenwood Lane isn’t your typical neighborhood street. There’s the mother and grandmother of two teenage girls who live in a house surrounded by little glass jars of herbs and potions, the respectable Dr. Maddox, an eccentric scientist -his twins have unique gifts of their own, and the Ballari men who are odd in ways we don’t quite understand, but they usually keep to themselves.

The Wilsons have no idea what they’re in for…

…but mom is on the run, so this is their new home.

The house has other ideas.

You’ll love this Paranormal Soap Opera, because the characters are quirky in just the right ways and the drama is non-stop.

Get it now.


All Books in this series are complete stories. Absolutely NO Cliffhangers!

This incredible new series will be available exclusively on Amazon for purchase or download in Kindle Unlimited on October 27, 2020. 

Book Two:  Creatures, and Book Three:  Runners will be available Winter 2020.

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Shadows on The Wall ~ Book One Secrets

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